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Posted on: September 10th, 2011 by WatchYoMouth No Comments

“Watch yo Mouth!?” How about… NOT.

Yea, we’re not down to clown with that. We say vent, rage, listen, obsess, laugh, taste, love, and live. Speak. Your. Mind!

“Watch yo Mouth?!” is a call to engage. Whether it be a video or song to ignite your senses, or a blog that stimulates your mind, Fromuth Productions is bringing together a dynamic group of BAMF personalities that have a little something to say. Each have their own expertise, style, and flair; however, they are never boxed into a specific niche, but free to explore their many passions.  Bloggers will be joining the fray as our roll out progresses. Make sure to check out the FromuthProductions Website and YouTube and tell us what you think.

Below is a little ditty from the jam session EDGE featuring Antwaun Stanley and Carly Augenstein. I think this song and its lyrics sum up exactly what Fromuth Productions is all about. So if you dig it. Share it. And most of all…

Welcome to the Family.