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Submissions Only………………….. Season Two Launch Party

Posted on: October 3rd, 2011 by Marken Greenwood No Comments

A launch not only for season 2 but for a whole new medium…

When my friend and I walked into the Submissions Only party this Monday evening we had to ask our selves what planet we’d stumbled upon.   We certainly weren’t in Kansas anymore.  It was the most chic event my clumsy self has been invited to since coming here.   Now, I’m going to be honest, I was seriously considering wearing jeans and a T-shirt to this swaree, imagining the normal drink-at-bar scenario.  However, this event was all marble, photo opps, and cater waiters.  Everyone was decked out in variations of black.  Thank God I was feeling fat when I got dressed.

This little-webseries-that-could has moved up to a new level.  It started out as the best of start-up web shows. The mastermind behind the whole thing: UofM Grad Andrew Keenan-Bolger currently playing Crutchie in NEWSIES (Pictured above).  It was quirky and compact, but had substance and real characters that you could follow and get to know.  It was a niche subject matter, but it was done in a very accessible way.  Now, we are seeing a new business model for commercial entertainment – fully produced made-for-the-web shows. has bumped up production from 6 to 8 shows this season.  Let me tell you, the party wasn’t the only shockingly glitzy part of the evening.  The campy, cutesy show has gotten a makeover too.  It still retains all of its charm and hilarity, but it’s shiny looking and sharply shot.  It’s obvious that the crew is working with nicer equipment and the editors and writers can take more time and care.  The difference for a fan who’s followed the show since day one is totes striking.

This picture was the first glimpse people got of the show on, lucky me (the nut the right)! I had a teensy-weensy cameo in the first episode of “Submissions Only” and have remained on board as a big fan since.  If you have even the slightest involvement with the entertainment world, the characters and situations will strike a side-splitting chord.  This whimsical show makes light of all aspects of the commercial theatre world from the waiting rooms to the master classes to the near impossibility of having a normal love life.  And of course, the audition itself.  Season Two will be really exciting since the show has been picked up by  It’s the website’s first foray into producing original content – bravo to them for giving such a great project a home!

To check out the Season Two Premere Click: HERE

If you havent seen Season 1 check out the Series Premer!

by Marken Greenwood

EGO: Blast From The Past

Posted on: September 21st, 2011 by Patrick Fromuth No Comments

How, Dan!


Dan Belnavis is what’s up. Just listen to his song below, and it won’t be hard to see why Dan is one of Fromuth Production’s most viewed artists. Just let Dan’s soul, charm, and vocal agility take you back to Aretha Franklin’s chart topping hit of 1973 & 74 written by Stevie Wonder.

For his performance Dan wanted to fuse together two of his favorite versions of the song: first being Aretha’s original (featured below) with elements of Chaka Khan‘s back up vocal arrangement. From there the Musical Force, that is Carlos Valdes, arranged the jam heard above.

Aretha, Queen of Soul, singing Until You Come Back to Me                                       …in all of her 1974 Fashion Splendor:

Dan’s song selection was perfect for EGO. It was important to Carlos and I to feature older Rhythm & Blues and Soul songs in EGO. This gave the audience a little blast from the past while subtly suggesting just how influential these genres are on contemporary music.

With this in mind Carlos and Britney Coleman (featured in EGO’s Tyrone) put together EGO’s Motown Medley paying homage to those who shaped and redefined the music industry. “Check for the EGO Motown Medley as the grand finale of the EGO YouTube release. Until then check out and PASS ON the other EGO Videos that are already posted on the Fromuth Production YouTube Channel.”

More Ego Videos on the Way Later This Week… Stay Tuned! For more of Dan’s beautiful voice check out EDGE & Keep it Loose Keep it Tight


WATCH it. DIG it. SHARE it!

BRING IT, Louderman!

Posted on: September 15th, 2011 by Patrick Fromuth 1 Comment

Don’t miss the stunningly TREMENDOUS Taylor Louderman

                  On the cover of and today!

Taylor is my kind of BAMF; She’s got it all, yet doesn’t know it. Taylor has worked with Fromuth Productions’s Benefit concert “STRIPPED: Songs Searching the Spectrum of Soul,” MUSKET’s AIDA as Amneris and a proud Michigan Musical Theatre Department Wolverine.  She is such a delight to work with–determined, detailed oriented, with a raw, natural intuition of the craft. Despite being recruited to the squad for her leading role in BRING IT ON’s First National Tour before her Junior year of college, she is extremely qualified for the role, and is going to tear up the stages across America.

Her POWERHOUSE acting, voice, dancing, comedic timing and not to mention her radiant looks, make Taylor the perfect representation of the Michigan Difference.

I have had the pleasure of working with Taylor on different projects, but my greatest pleasure is to see the way she has navigated all of this sudden attention. She remains humble in her strong Missouri family roots with her beautiful mother and four sisters, along with her loving father.

She is a total gem that can BRING IT! 

Check out the Playbill Article HERE and the Broadway World Article HERE

I cannot wait to see you up there being recognized as the STAR we ALL know you are!  GO BLUE!

Best of Luck, Tay!

EGO: R&B and Pop Concert

Posted on: September 11th, 2011 by Patrick Fromuth No Comments

Part I Launches TOMORROW! Check out the Promo!