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Gettin Down with Constance

Posted on: December 6th, 2011 by Patrick Fromuth 1 Comment

As I procrastinate from packing for my 10 hour trip tomorrow, I cannot help but get distracted by one of my favorite past times: ChoConstance YouTube Channel.

Airplanes-Original Lyrics to those who try to hold you back

I know now
That dreams won’t wait for you
And wishing on
A star or plane
It’s all the same…it’s all the same.

Fromuth Productions’s very own Constance/Connie/”Shanghai” Cho’s channel is a frequent YouTube haunt of mine. Whether I go there to rest in the refuge of her riveting riffs, to find inspiration in her musical ingenuity, or – more likely – to seek solace in her soulful sotto voce after a terrible day, choconstance is the kind of channel that makes me remember why YouTube is such an important and beautiful outlet for self-expression. Check out one of her Mash-up/remixes – for which she is known – below:


Despite her total disregard of all my advice to clean up her room or – at times – even brush her hair before recording a video(grr! haha), there is such an intangible power and beauty to her raw passion for medleys, mashups, and vocal pyrotechnics. It’s truly refreshing to see such a tremendous artist humbled by her own talent with no ego in site.

The channel is a glimpse of a gift – a rare one that Ms. Cho is generous enough to share with those who know how to find it. Make sure to check out and SUBSCRIBE to ChoConstance’s NEWLY Designed Channel - by yours truly (God bless packing procrastination!) – Let me know what you think?!

Don’t forget to check out some of her GORGEOUS KPop covers

 I LIVE for them!

Don’t Cry – 박봄

Looking forward to seeing this little vixen this weekend up in Ann Arbor for the 58 Greene Concert; hopefully I can convince her to grace us with one or two more covers while I’m up there. Let me know if you have any requests, and I’ll do my darndest.


EGO: R&B and Pop Concert

Posted on: September 11th, 2011 by Patrick Fromuth No Comments

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