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Posted on: February 6th, 2012 by Patrick Fromuth 1 Comment

The National Anthem is at the very core of our American patriotism. I know that I judge performers (especially during the Super Bowl, which is peculiarly fused with patriotism) for their rendition and choices for Liberty’s beloved song. Some people go WAY too far – *COUGH*Christina*COUGH* while others sing it plain and simple. For me, I like keeping it true blue with a couple of vocal pyrotechnics to match the accompanying red, white and blue fireworks. Here is this year’s Super Bowl National Anthem and the other versions that I adore.

Kelly: XLVII

Does Clarkson’s Measure up to the other Greats?! Who are your favorites? This is my line up. 

Whitney: XXV
In my opinion Whitney’s Star Spangled Banner has no equal

She brought the house – and Nation – down with her jaw-dropping rendition. Her pacing and restraint leave you begging for the power she delivers a hundred fold at the end.  For once in my life I am able to watch a HUGE Diva do it up right. From her outfit, to her ease, and heartfelt, honest emotion. You can tell that she was not doing this for herself, for her career, but for the soldiers and their families that were affected by the war. This is the true definition of a TRUE DIVA. Sharing EVERYTHING she had; selflessly giving it her all for the people…not for herself. This performance is considered one of the best TV moments in American history. I agree. I still get chills (even after doing my research and watching all of the versions and more to put up this blog. From gathering herself for the important this honor and undertaking in the beginning, to her welcoming wave, all the way to her final triumphant gestures on “Brave” Whitney Houston is an American Diva in its Purest form. Take note. 

Beyonce: XXXVIII - Note 1:22…I Die.


Mariah: XXXVI – 1:36?! Sure.

Faith Hill: XXXIV

Christina: XLV - Wait for the end…Missy THROWS. Down.

God Bless America

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  • Gfoote

    The whitney Houston version is the best and the most powerful!!