Prove it… I Dare You!

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Sara Bareilles

I just stumbled upon this stripped and inspiring performance of hers from over a year-and-a-half ago at the Orpheum Theatre in Los Angeles. Sara B is one of my favorite artists boasting complex orchestrations, breathtaking vocal control and flexibility, but – most importantly – lyrical prowess surpassed by few.

“Kaleidoscope Heart”

Her guttural poetry sucker punches its listeners into emotional depths of:

Despair, Levity, Love, and Hope

Despair: “Addiction”
You hold me without touch / You keep me without chains / I never wanted anything so much / than to drown in your love and not feel your reign… 

This one might leave a mark – for me – salty H20(sounds so much more manly than tears…eh.) This dance set to the popular “Gravity” demonstrates the *Guttural Sucker Punch* I was talking about above. Their performance illuminates – in perfect clarity – the struggle of an addict no matter the vice: drugs, alcohol, gambling, and even Eros.

Levity:  “Gonna Get Over You”
Maybe is a vicious little word that can slay me / Keep me when I’m hurting and make me, / Hang from your hands / Well, no more, / I won’t beg to buy a shot at your back door…

Now THIS is the right way to take being dumped!  It’s heartfelt, positive and fun. From the rockin red Caddy Convertible, the local, the wardrobe, the INCREDIBLE casting, their moves, to her hair this video is a gem! And let’s be real,who wouldn’t want to rock out down a grocery asile amid blasts of confetti cannons?! The last 30seconds are GOLDEN. Levity at its finest.

Love: “The Light”
Never mind what I knew, nothing seems to matter now / Ooh, who I was without you, I can do without / No one knows where ends, how it may come tumbling down / But I’m here with you now / I’m with you now…

I decided to pick this video recording to bring your focus to the incredible lyrics. “The Light” is one of my favorite songs. It encapsulates my perspective on love and commitment. It is beautiful and epic while grounded in reality. Sung at my wedding?! I. Think. So.

Hope: “Let the Rain”
And I always felt it before / That the world was filled with much more / Then a drowning soul / I’ll learn to be / I just need the rain to remind me / Let the rain come down / make a brand new ground / Let the rain come down

“The only way to get past your insecurities is to embrace them. This song is all about rebirth, rejuvenation, a baptism by fire.” – Sara B Make sure to pay attention to the hope in addition to the extreme levels of cuteness.

So In Summation:

Revisit and support Sara B; she was, is, and will always be able to