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If anyone is gonna hold your attention for an hour-and-a-half post turkey Tryptophan tripping…  it would be Gaga in her “A Very Gaga Thanksgiving” special. The show opened with the charming, playful, and incredible jazz number, “The Lady Is A Tramp” with Tony Bennett. Below is the original video(I’ll update when last night’s hits YouTube)

After the song ended the show lost momentum, and I contemplated a nap sometime around her cooking lesson with chef Art Smith. They made fried turkey and waffles… maybe it was my over-stuffed belly, but couture cooking with the Valentino Monster was the last thing I wanted to see. 

I’m glad I didn’t doze off cause after the comercial break Gaga got it together. “So I thought that we would be just as annoying as New York City on the night of Thanksgiving, and sing a Christmas tune,” jokes Gaga as she describes our mutual sentiment that Christmas over-shadows Thanksgiving, which never gets its proper due. Her rendition of White Christmas was jazz-tastic, which is the genre where Gaga’s vocals truly shine;  I loved her playfully simple and original second verse.

Another highlight from her show was her performance of “Hair.” What I love about Gaga is that she truly is rockin Maslow’s Hierarchy Of  Self-Actualization as an artist. I know that sounds pretty lofty, but she truly strives to change people’s hearts and to make a difference through her art.

I may not always get what she does, and I don’t love ALL of her songs – the ones she performed on the TV Special were the only ones I enjoyed from her newest album – but I always agree with her passion and motivation to inspire. Her story of lunchroom politics and bullying set in her primary school alma mater, Sacred Heart Catholic School in Manhattan, was very timely, sincere, and effective.

“On Friday Rock City High School Dance / I got my Bangs to hide

That I dont stand a chance, a chance / I just wanna be myself

 And I want you to love me for who I am / I just wanna be myself

 And I want you to know I am my hair

 …I’m the spirit of my hair / It’s all the glory that I bare”

Gaga is at her best when she is relating and fighting for the underdog.

During her interview with Katie Couric, Gaga explained the roots of her Summer hit “Edge of Glory.” The song was inspired and dedicated to her Grandfather and Grandmother – a very touching tale: the song is based on Gaga witnessing her grandmother saying goodbye to her passing grandfather. Gaga recalls it was like witnessing them win at life because the won at love. This sentiment was very powerful and humanized the high art Monster. She went on to tell Couric that her grandfather would sometimes sleep in his car just to be near her grandmother when they were younger in strict italian homes; this may be one of the most romantic things I have ever heard. After hearing this, “Edge of Glory” now takes on a whole new meaning and life. Below is the Fromuth Production’s Mashup called EDGE, featuring Gaga’s “Edge of Glory.”

Gotta say, I was Gaga for Gaga…(Oh get over it… I had to). I really enjoyed spending Turkey Day with the Monster; I found her interesting, unpretentious, and real. Her vocals were stunning and the stripped arrangements let her instrument shine. Check out her A Very Gaga Thanksgiving rendition of her new single “Marry the Night” below:

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