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Quick question:

How many times has Romney’s campaign gone back on what he has said at the debates? For that matter, why has Moderate Mitt only shown up recently at the debates?!

Please realize that you need to know NOT ONLY

what Romney says tonight to seduce America…



Just sayin… CLICK HERE for an example of his campaign going back on what he said at the debates on Immigration. 

——–Elephant in the Room——- by Fromuth Productions

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Tea Party!

Elephant in the Room’s Tea Party Episode is Here! Fromuth Productions presents Victors for Obama staring Mike Kelton and Ali Gordon.

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Will Work for Nutz

Check out that NAILING IT Illustration by Rose Jaffe. More of her work and other Political Illustrations can be found at


Favorite two moments from the Debate:

“Yeah… Single parent homes are a real liability,” Romney says to the president, a product of a single parent home…

What out of touch Audacity…Have you met Rory Gilmore?!

What a TeaBag.

Secretary Clinton has done an extraordinary job, but she works for me. I’m the President. [...] I’m the President and I’m always responsible” –Obama on Hillary Clinton’s responsibility in Libya attack.

He could have very easily made legitimate excuses,
but I respect his ownership of the responsibility.
That is what true leaders do.
Just one of many examples why I stand with Barrack!
Now Join me and…

Get Yo

To the Polls!

—-Political Power Hour—- Here’s to you, Candy

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Moderator NAILED it!!!

FINALLY some answers…

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Romney’s Tax Plan

Political Power Hour

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Dear Mitt,

Did you proof read Ryan’s…I mean “your” Platforms. My sixth grade self learned to cite his sources. Screw releasing your tax returns… Where is your work cited page?! I learned how to do that in elementary school… shouldn’t be too hard for you. Cause at the end of the day, without some MLA TRUTH, I have to wonder…Didn’t your Mama and Papa teach you not to lie?!