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Meet the Blogger ……………….. Marken Greenwood, Actress

Posted on: October 24th, 2011 by Marken Greenwood No Comments

You will soon learn that I have a little problem with lateness – See Above…

KIDDING! This little gem was a promo shot for a cabaret that Patrick and I were in during our time at Michigan with Joan Morris called, “The Morning After” – my mother is so proud. But seriously, when I make it to a show, it’s usually the closing.  When I have a deadline, I’m pulling an all nighter to meet it.  When I hear a joke, I’m laughing a few seconds after everyone else.  Not kidding – hang out with me and you’ll see.  I swear, I don’t have a learning disability; I’m just the last to cotton on to everything.

Guilty pleasures: Netflix bingeing, pretending to be a normal commuter during rush hour, Prince William fantasies, ridiculously expensive coffee, planning to exercise (but rarely doing it)

What Im About: I want to hold a mirror up to life for myself and others.  I think that theatre, literature, music and art have the power to assist us in living better, fuller, more stupendous lives.  If I were Machiavelli, I’d say it’s the most palatable way of making sure history doesn’t repeat itself.  If I were Marken, I’d say it’s a way of reaching life-altering, mind-bending, heart-wrenching catharsis which allows you to gain compassion and wisdom beyond your years.

Be great in act as you have been in thought.  ~Shakespeare

So, back to the other night.  I’m trying out a new format, or if I’m gonna go all Carrie Bradshaw on ya’ll, a column.   I’m going to reflect on the theatrical, cultural, artistic, scientific, culinary experiences of yesterday.  New York locals, you may not catch that particular event, but what I hope you’ll catch the artist next time or remember that theatre company for the future.  Nonlocals, it doesn’t matter because you can’t see it anyway!  You just get to experience it through my ultra-descriptive, artfully-crafted prose.

Favorite board game: Scrabble

Favorite 90s TV show: Buffy

Theme song to your life:  Uncharted by Sara Bareillis

Idol(s): Katherine Hepburn, Anderson Cooper, Linda Goodrich, my cousin Carolyn, Charlotte Bronte

Favorite Movie:  Gone with the Wind

Favorite Disney Movie: Beauty and the Beast

Country you would do inappropriate things to get to… Why: Norway…because it’s the land of my ancestors.

Favorite Artist: Gustav Klimt

Favorite CD: Parade by Jason Robert Brown

If you were a vegetable, what would you be and why?: Cauliflower…because no one would want to eat me.

Do you have a horse named Whisper living in Central Park?  No.

You could say I’m a Late Bird.  Remember in Kindergarten when everyone was divided into two groups the Early Birds who went to school the first half of the day and the Late Birds who went the latter half?  Well, it’s obvious which one I was and I’ve stuck to the moniker faithfully.

And now I have effectively made my lateness work for me                     Let the blogging begin!

Meet the Blogger………………….. J.F. Quinn

Posted on: September 13th, 2011 by Patrick Fromuth No Comments

             I Love to write, cook, make/listen to music, help, explore, promote, laugh, sit and think, look good, read, enjoy life, share, learn and teach. Luckily, that is exactly what Fromuth Productions is all about. Hence, I’m here.

What I’m About: Great music, whatever that is in the moment, wide open places, great, freshly cooked food, the ocean, local beer, sand in the turn-ups of my jeans and my hair, old coffee tables with oil lamps on them, plants, typewriters, reading, wood stove fires during the winter, boats, Sperrys, finding buoys on the beach, watches worn face-in, long underwear, the Law Quad, building things, old movies, little envelopes, dancing, a bag for every occasion, moleskin notebooks, swing-top bottles, writing, blue Papermate Medium ballpoint pens, fresh herbs, Irish accents, Irish breakfasts- the kind with homemade brown bread and orange marmalade and Kerrygold, cold and salty wind, the greatest family a man could ask for, tapas, motorcycle goggles, Harry Potter, outdoor showers, the East Coast, yurts, recycling, Buster Keaton,  nautical flags, love and the shameless ability to express it, playing drums, Dark and Stormies, Patagonia (the place and the company), comfortable chairs, twentieth century American literature, the color blue, to-do lists with checkboxes, proper grammar, organizing films alphabetically and shirts according to color and pattern type, Christmas, email on my iPhone, family legacies at the University of Michigan, fishing, black and white photography, old sheet music, corn beef sandwiches, cardigans, and driftwood.

Idols: John Steinbeck, Yvon Chouinard, Doug Tompkins, Ernest Hemingway, Katherine Rose, my Mom, my Dad, my Sister.

Guilty Pleasure: Escape- Enrique Iglesias.

Favorite Board Game: Boggle

Favorite TV Show: M*A*S*H*

Theme Song To Your Life: The Indiana Jones Theme Song (switched out with the Star Wars theme song on Tuesdays and Sundays)

Country I’d Do Inappropriate Things To Get To: New Zealand, because it’s too expensive to pay the full airfare.

Favorite Artist(s): John Steinbeck, Winslow Homer, John Ford, Louis Armstrong, Edward Hopper, Vincent van Gogh, Miles Davis, Frank Capra.

If I Were A Vegetable: Heirloom Tomato. I’m a classic; I’m arrogant enough to not be called a regular tomato. I’m best with citrus, I’m summery and I’m fresh. You can taste the difference when I’m homegrown. And you can’t define me- am I really a vegetable? Some would argue.

Check out his First Blog Gone, Gone Are The Days When I Wasn’t Good Enough

“Always be uplifting.” 

-Mikey Friedman


Design Generation: Meet…….. Rose Jaffe, Illustrator

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