Innovation through Empowerment from Broadway to the Boardroom
Founded in 2010 In Ann Arbor, Michigan

Who even wears a watch these days? I do. Day in and day out. For a producer and community organizer time is not just money, but precious and fleeting. It is essential to lead and oversee the multitude of moving parts in the projects and clients we take on – both kindly and boldly. Without time, none of this is possible. The purple watch is a statement; a staple to our creative confidence and style. It is bold, unique, and beautiful like the kind of talent, ventures, and community wins that we empower. It is not to count every hour in the day but to make every hour in the day count.

This is exactly what I thought when I was in the first grade sitting in the summer heat, at home, and bored out of mind. So I took matters into my own hands. At the ripe age of 6 my BRILLIANT idea was to organize my neighborhood's first…and last, PARADE! Nothing too over the top of course, I didn't exactly have a budget or an event staff, but I made do. Even got me a baton twirler in full get-up from the cul-de-sac down the street.

Years pass and the awkward "PARADE" child is now an even more awkward adult; nevertheless, the aforementioned axiom has remained one of my favorites; it challenges me to welcome adventure, refuse stagnation, and never settle for the status quo. This motivation as well as my passion for the intersection of change, music, and talent empowerment, inspired me to host my first benefit concert in the Summer of 2008 in Columbus, OH. Raising money for a cause very dear to my heart: the Muscular Dystrophy Association Summer Camp where I was a volunteer Cabin Leader. It was here that Fromuth Productions took root.

Fromuth Productions was officially founded in the Spring of 2010, during my junior year as a proud Michigan Wolverine, thriving in the Ann Arbor arts scene. A Producer of MUSKET, a completely student run musical theatre company, I produced HAIR, MAN OF LA MANCHA, AIDA, and THE 25th ANNUAL PUTNAM COUNTY SPELLING BEE along side my partner in crime, Kathryn Pamula. In addition, I was the Business Manager and member of the tenacious multi-cultural A Cappella Group - 58 Greene.

Working alongside such exceptional talent, I decided to produce and direct my first late night benefit concert: "EGO - R&B and Pop Concert" co-creating with the musical force, Carlos Valdes (Flash, Once, Jersey Boys & A Very Potter Musical).

EGO brought together all the things that I love: 58 Greene, R&B, Motown, Pop, Rock, Musical Theatre, my tremendously talented friends, and - most importantly - helping those in need. EGO's proceeds went to "Partners in Health - Stand with Haiti," which funded relief efforts after the country's devastating earthquake in 2010. EGO showcased voracious voices from 58 Greene and the Michigan Musical Theatre Department (the nation's top program). Through this musical fusion of raw and polished talent hailing from around the globe, we were able to celebrate the diversity of talent, passion, and culture which makes our human experience so arresting.

A year later, I produced "STRIPPED - Songs Searching the Spectrum of Soul". STRIPPED was an unplugged concert focusing on the heartfelt emotion of the lyrics and honesty of the performer. It featured new songs, new faces, and a new cause: "Project Wolverine - Leaving Your Legacy," which is a need-based scholarship for University of Michigan students, by Michigan students. Like EGO, STRIPPED enjoyed an enthusiastic and rowdy packed house.

I made my University of Michigan curtain call earning a degree in Performing Arts Management with the opportunity to sing at "The Big House" commencement with my a cappella group in front of 50,000 people. Shortly after, I produced and directed the filmed workshop/jam session, which was named after the initial adage up top: "EDGE." It was a chance to actualize some pipe dreams and collaborations before leaving Ann Arbor for the real world.

Igniting the senses and stimulating the mind, Fromuth Productions will continue to produce, cultivate, and maximize the captivating creative confidence of artists, clients, and underserved communities. This is only the beginning; I look forward to the triumphs and challenges of the producing road ahead, knowing that:

Warmest Regards,

Patrick Fromuth

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